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A video seems kind of dull and lifeless sans audio support and hence it’s pretty natural that you would love to have background scores for your favorite video. Now, how to do that? Well, you have the video maker software systems today that allow you to insert audio files and mix them with a video.  You will get these movie maker programs both for the Mac & Windows devices.  The post here offers a step by step direction on how to add music to a video.

  • Step 1

Your first task is to research well and find out a reliable video editor program. The one you take to should be internationally popular, followed by happy clientele.

  • Step 2

The next step is to download the software and install it as per installation instructions offered from the program.

  • Step 3

Then, you have to add on the video & audio files -which you are planning to mix up- to the newly installed video maker software program. You would have to choose the desired files and drag them to respective video & audio tracks. The audio track would be usually marked with musical note symbol.

  • Step 4

The next step is to adjust your audio files as per your video requirements. It could be that your chosen audio file is somehow longer in comparison to the video file and in such a case the video editor program will allow you to split the audio to match up with shorter video length. On the contrary, if the video length demands longer audio, the software can double up the audio track for a compatible display.

  • Step 5

After you are done adjusting your audio files with the video length, you are simply required to save the entire video in a new file format. Then, you can convert the saved video into any desired multimedia format. The best software programs generally support all the popular multimedia formats and mobile phones.

You can go for Movavi Video Editor here as it’s one of the most popular video maker programs around that will help you to add on audio files to your videos, just the way you want them to. With the Movavi program, you have the liberty to add sound track in WMA, MP3, FLAC or OGG format to AVI, MP4 & other popular video formats.

Baldness is brought about because of the absence of estrogen in human body. There are different medicines accessible to recover the level of estrogen in the human body. A bare individual loses his certainty and feels humiliated in confronting family, companions, and so on Be that as it may, they ought not to forget that life never stops here, baldness is a typical sickness and they ought not to feel terrible about it


Curd with camphor assumes an essential part in enhancing the development of hair over the uncovered scalp. Take curd and camphor, both in equivalent amount. Blend it well and keep it aside for sooner or later. Apply this glue over the effected scalp, and give it a chance to dry for three-four hours. Clean the scalp with warm water. This is one of the helpful home remedies for baldness.

Acne and Banana Peel, image by Alfred Turman


Nectar additionally assumes a fundamental part in the medicine of baldness. Blend nectar and egg yolk and blanket the whole effected scalp with it. Permit it to remain for 1 to 2 hours and wash the scalp. So also, onion squeeze and nectar might be combined and connected to the effected zone. This excessively will indicate positive result.


Goose berry oramlaplays crucial part for the development of hair on the uncovered scalp. Individual experiencing baldness may apply a mixture ready by heating up 200gms of goose berry, shikakai and soapnuts or reethain 2 to 3 litres of water. Heat up the mixture until it water diminishes to half. Permit it to stand and apply it over hair. Let the mixture dry over the scalp for around three hours and wash it off with warm water. This cleanser could be utilized for 2 to 3 months. It will indicate colossal development of hair. Amla powder can likewise be blended with egg and fenugreek seeds, and treated as a cleanser for hair. This excessively is a compelling solution for shinny hair.


Drench 12 to15 fenugreek seeds in one liter of water overnight. Save the concentrated oil what’s more apply it tenderly over the scalp. This oil might be utilized 1 to 2 times each day. This will show an extraordinary bring about hair development after 1 to 2 months.one of the helpful home remedies for baldness.


An adjusted eating regimen is an absolute necessity for the sound development and improvement of a human body. Individual experiencing baldness ought to take diet rich in protein, green vegetables, cereals, products of the soil like mango, carrots, milk items like milk, curd, and so on one can likewise take juice ready from banana and nectar and curd. An alternate juice is horse feed or simsim blended with crisp green coriander clears out this will offer assistance recapturing hair over the bare scalp.


Rubbing scalp helps in blood course. Frequently after a full day of laboring, or because of delay disease, baldness, and so forth, the blood course does not stream in its regular stream. Essentially rubbing with hands in a roundabout manner is additionally exceptionally vital in bringing back the blood stream to its ordinary. There are homemade hair oils, glue that aides in the development of hair over the bare scalp. A large portion of these oils and herbs might be utilized 3 to 4 times each week.

EHIC Your Card gives you a chance to get state medicinal services at a diminished expense or off and on again free of charge. It will blanket you for medicine that is required to permit you to proceed with your stay until your arranged return. It additionally blankets you for medication of previous medicinal conditions and for routine maternity mind, as long as you’re not set abroad to conceive an offspring.

Sri Lanka over many years and centuries, it has been known for her thrilling relaxation experience that it offers. This is a country that gives visitors more than expectation in terms of enjoyment. The amazing experience while touring this nation stretches from culture, food and most fantastic beach relaxation. If you love beach activities and relaxation then this is a place for you. One of the places that will ensure you get utmost relaxation and experience is magical Mirissa. This town hosting one of the most spectacular beaches is located on the southern coastline. Merissa beaches are indisputable of high quality and many visitors love them. Here you will get a chance to enjoy diverse and enjoyable sunny activities that will remain in your memory for long time.

Mirissa, image by Anuja Manchanayake

Awesome activities to enjoy in Mirissa breach relaxation and sunshine enjoyment

Mirissa is located near the equator and therefore it receives enough sunshine. In addition Mirissa beaches are clean and strategically located where you can enjoy enough sunshine seamlessly. The uniqueness of Mirissa beaches is greatly brought out by their gentleness and smooth ocean waves. Mirissa beaches unlike others,it gives you whole year swimming experience since they are safer to access them in anytime. During boom period these beaches become enormous and even much fun since they become wider and ocean water calmer. During recession period, beaches still gives unique and unforgettable experience even though they are always a bit smaller. Some of the activities that you will enjoy include swimming and and watching amazing squashing waves.

Surprising experience while watching whales and dolphins

Few kilometers off the shore of Mirissa, you can enjoy viewing diverse and unique species of whales and dolphins. This has been one of the most important attraction to this town over the years, whereby visitors go and come again since it offers one of the life time experience. Here you will get a chance to see different species of blue whales which are rarely seen. Some of the species that are found here includes; pilot whale, blue whale, killer whale, sperm whale and bryde’s whale. And if you have ever wondered how many dolphin species exists, then this is a place for you since you will be able to view all of them easily in one place. Species of dolphin found here includes; bottle nose dolphin, spinner dolphin, stripped dolphin and Risso’s dolphin. Watching services are provided by boat services from Mirissahabour to the ocean.

water sporting

Apart from enjoying enough sunshine in Mirissa beaches, you will also love enjoying sporting activities that will always make you forget busy days back at home. Surfing in Mirissa is for all,both beginner and experts. It is necessary and significant in building confidences.Other sporting activities that you will enjoy engaging on includes; sailing and snorkeling.

The most special thing about this sunny town in Sri Lanka, is the friendly nature of the people plus affordability and high quality services offered by hotels. Hotels are located next to the beaches hence easily accessible.

No doubt Mirissa has the best beaches worthy to pay a visit this season. This town has more than just experience to offer to all visitors willing to enjoy various beaches activities. For seamless and convenient accessibility to this amazing town apply for your esta now. It is easy, affordable and faster since it is done online.

Sri Lanka has converted into essentially the most safeguarded place on the planet earth to search after absolutely busting your 35 calendar year merciless terrorism underneath the legitimate & awesome effort regarding Their Excellency your Us president Mahina Rajapaksa Calendar year 2011 has become proclaimed seeing that “VISIT WITH THE YEAR” regarding SRI LANKA. New York Instances within their overdue examine found that Sri Lanka is the greatest getaway regarding proceed involving 25 one spots. The actual Country wide Geographic has put Sri Lanka because 2nd regarding the planet’s 20 best regarding travel.The actual tremendous mountain soaked region in the south-western part records a standard annually rain regarding 2500 mm along with the dried up region in the northeast and also n . Components accept a standard rain regarding 1200 mm and also 1900 mm independently. Sri Lanka keeps an increased bio-assorted features in the state along with awesome thing to consider. Dissimilarities conveyed regarding critical location uncommonly your impressive physical setting regarding routinely wealthy levels has built Sri Lanka any standout amongst the almost all great countries on the globe.

Pure lifetime: Sri Lanka indicates upward regarding really do the first state for you to dispatch any untamed asylum. Country wide areas and also asylums tend to be anchored in special aspects of your isle. Yala Country wide stop in your southeast is usually a essential holiday spot regarding watching evolved into mindful of elephants, peacocks and also dears. Wilpattu Country wide stop in your northeast provides an extraordinary access to your habitants just like many normal water flying animals, stokes, pelicans, ibis and also spoonbills to ensure by themselves in the protected setting regarding more than an era to come.

Pinnawala Hippo Orphanage can be an asylum regarding covered and also damaged elephants and is also properly commonplace one of many tourists regarding watching well over 80 elephants which include small children.

Societal Traditions: Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Kandy Holy City, Galle City & Galle Slot and also Dambulla Give Temple will be the a few antiquated city residential areas regarding Sri Lanka documented on the globe legacy of music rundown. Most of these areas tend to be regarding extraordinary documented value regarding company to own enjoyable and also create their dreams materialize.

Kandy is usually a holy town in the focal slopes that stands for the entire world well known Buddhist parade “Esala Perahara” that speaks of your hallowed Teeth Relic from the Master Buddha annually in the 30 days regarding June. This beautiful affair is usually went to through a comprehensive getting using a regular regarding 400 thousands of men and women in the remaining day time. You can love any setting regarding various things just like flare techniques, whip-moves, Kandian techniques and different various other societal gets your boogie bottom along with honorably beautified elephants demonstrating your pride from the traditional background from the kingdom regarding Kandy.

Kandy which is a standout amongst the outstanding cities on the globe is usually interchangeable towards the label from the broadly acclaimed Ceylon Green tea. You probably know this the initial their tea seed has been rooted monetarily in 1867 with Loolecondera residence by the Scotsman known as David Taylor and also there onwards their tea sector has thrived a great extraordinary achievements. One of several Rubber and also Coconut ranches Green tea has suspected a significant part in ticket making towards the state before after beyond. Green tea ranches has built an enormous modify while using the appropriate frame of mind from the found government regarding Sri Lanka.Anuradhapura: in the Northern Central Land could be the Sri Lanka’s first money set up around the last centuries B. C. which is a placement regarding really like for many Buddhists in the state specifically in lighting from the delights from the consecrated Sri Maha Bodhi Shrub extracted from the first Bo-Tree in Indian. Apply Sri Lanka Visas for a hassle free travel.

Car Tracker, as the name implies is an innovative device which can be of much use to any car user. A car tracking device can be put to multiple uses. Be it keeping the car safe from thieves or keeping a tab on the driving instinct of your young children, car tracker performs every task with utmost perfection.

The car tacking system works on GPS technology and can be used for business management also. As a business owner, you can be in knowhow of any misuse of the office vehicle, simply by monitoring the location of the car.

Effective Monitoring

  • Effective monitoring is one of the biggest advantages of this facility. Fuel costs and other associated aspects can be considered if you decide to install a car tracker.
  • You can keep a watch on the route your office driver follows and in case you notice some deviation, the same can be checked.
  • Cost saving is a natural consequence of having a dedicated car tracker in place. The person using the car will know that their location is being monitored and they will not misuse the car.
  • Work efficiency will also increase as you will be in a position to know the exact time which one takes to reach the office. In case, you notice that employees are not taking the regular route or are starting off late from their location, you can well question them.
  • Once people in your office know that their movement can be tracked through car tracker, they will not misuse the official vehicle and this will bring professionalism in their attitude. This will benefit the company eventually and your business will grow multifold.

With the business getting intense and competitive, it is only the best who can survive. A car tracker can help you in this endeavour as your customers will know that their work order will be completed on priority and the same can be tracked. The news will spread by word of mouth and your popularity is set to grow among the business community. Increasing number of clients would like to utilize your services as they too want quality services at minimal prices.

The GPS tracking system in car trackers work on real time satellite link up and you can easily monitor the location of your vehicle. This way you will always be in knowhow of the route, your vehicle is following.

Small business owners can also get the benefits from car tracking facility. In order to develop their business and engage more clients, they have to follow a stringent time frame. Time management is a natural advantage which comes with car tracking software. Even if you have assigned the duty of meeting a client to any subordinate in the organization, you would be in a position to monitor their location with the help of car tracker. This way you can suitably guide them and also ensure that they meet all the desired targets well in time.

Vehicle protection made easy

Protecting your car is very easy if you have a car tracker in place. Given the increasing instances of car lifting, it has become vital for anyone to have an effective car tracking system in place. As soon as you notice that the vehicle has been stolen, you can effectively monitor its location. This will be a great help to police and they will also be in a position to keep a tab on the location of the thief who has stolen the car.

You will not only get your vehicle back in record time.

With more than 50% of the zone secured by wildernesses, Peru is the best place to visit for nature partners. The Peruvian Amazon goes about as the vital fascination for visitors to select this spot for their excursion. To visit the Peruvian Amazon, there are two principle entrances one in the Northern side called as Iquitos, while alternate is found in the Southern side called as Puerto Maldonado. Nature sweethearts can get a spirit touching knowledge in this some piece of the world since it is honoured with rich backwoods, brilliant blossoms and developed trees.

The amazon 

When individuals arrive at Iquitos, they can get to the profound woodlands of the Amazon by going on voyage sends along the tributaries of the Amazon River. At the point when greater lavish travels are chosen, individuals can investigate the excellence of the rainforest, while getting a charge out of alternate offices offered by organizations sorting out Peru Amazon Trips. There are likewise voyage ships implied for plan sightseers. The course taken by distinctive tour coordinators vary; nonetheless, every one of them incorporate route through expansive lakes along the Amazon. In the event that you are aiming to delight in the widely varied vegetation of the rainforests, day-excursions alongside an accomplished aide would be perfect.

Research Your Alternatives 

Next, head to your library, book shop or workstation and investigate your alternatives. Do you require uncommon visas? Do storms or winter storms characterize the travel season? Will it cost you $2,000 simply to get to your dream end? As you research travel plan B and record subtle elements, you’ll start to show signs of improvement thought of what’s truly conceivable.

Settle on a Cruise, Tour or Independent Travel  

For a few explorers, picking among travel choices is the most troublesome a piece of the excursion arranging procedure. Notwithstanding where you’d jump at the chance to go, there’s likely more than restricted to get there. You’ll have to survey your wellbeing, competencies, hobbies and travel style – and do so genuinely – to choose which choice is best for you.

Frosty climate 

On the off chance that you don’t wish to stay in voyage delivers simply in light of the fact that cool climate won’t be suitable for your well-being; you can select to stay in hotels found in Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado. In any case, extravagance travels will be putting forth you with numerous kinds of offices to ensure yourself from great frosty. At the point when getting a charge out of their Peru Amazon Trips, voyagers are by and large prompted not to miss the open door coming in their approach to visit the two most unprecedented national parks spotted close Puerto Maldonado. The parks are named as Tambopata National Reserve and Manu National Park and they are honored with untamed life ponders. This area additionally appreciates the credit of having the biggest number of species on the planet.

Puerto Maldonado  

When you arrive at Puerto Maldonado, you can take a watercraft ride for getting a charge out of the excellence of the wilderness. On the off chance that you are intrigued by investigating profound woods, there are timberlands with diverse levels of profundity that are found exactly at a separation of something like two to five hours go from Puerto Maldonado. Nature partners say that numerous parts of the woodlands in Amazon are still unexplored and it is additionally accepted that some unidentified species are likewise living in these woods. To make your outing more charming and noteworthy, you should simply to discover the best tour coordination.

Turkey visas
the visa is useful for people from another country that are visiting the country. The visa helps to cab the rising cases of illegal immigration in many countries. The person traveling must ensure that they acquire the visa prior to the date they intend to travel to turkey.

There are different vehicles that are apportioned to differing posts of general people. The true allotting component maybe on account of wealth or social class, the major purpose of the vehicle in the life of a particular masses and for other progressive and administrative reasons.

Thus, booking of a particular book driving practical test is related to the auto that is administered to a particular masses. Subsequently for example, for the occurrence of explorer transports, they are apportioned to neighborhoods for people heading to their work places and for people trying for diverse purposes that may be amusement. In this way anybody that falls in the above business arrangement should hunt down a driving session to evaluate whether he or she meets all prerequisites for being a driver in the transports.

Distinctive vehicles that may be noted are generous motors for law implementers. Law experts consolidate policemen, remarkable business locales for able unlawful acts and troopers. Lessons are open for such motorcade since the stray pieces are similar.

Distinctive tests that are offered are to motors that have a spot with normal customary people. Stamps in the characterization fuse Toyota, Nissan, range meanderers and zone wanderers and distinctive vehicles that are familiar with most people far and wide. Assorted models have unique quirks. Along these lines if a learner rehearses on a specific brand, then he is more possible to be surveyed in the particular field of study. The tests change with the brand name. For instance, there is a grouped complexity between four wheel rives and the more typical sorts. There is an exchange qualification between manual transmission automobiles and mechanized transmission vehicles. Presently that it’s been raised, an individual could be incorporated in an appraisal methodology to evaluate what class he or she is pleasant in.

Diverse vehicles disseminations join hustling cars, for instance, driving in competitions. The above joins adroit of the driving framework. Consequently distinctive various evaluations are given sustenance to any individual longing to test. Moreover, the tests are taken in distinctive stages. Sort of, the development is brave and stacked with intensity. The diverse tests are similarly open after a singular’s requesting.

Other kind of vehicle consolidates the motor bikes. Motorbikes also have unique brands and arrangements. There are the precise essential motorbikes and diverse amusements bikes that go with more speed. The bikes are moreover worked in their operation. Thusly genuine tests for evaluation are key and in addition imperative. An exchange critical reason is to expansion an authentic driving allow and additionally concerning the way that motor bikes are the true killers out on the town as per late work studies.

In all points, fulfilling an evaluation test is protected and in addition moderate. The booking cost is sensible and suits every social class and all ages. In like manner, the evaluation tests match with most assignments either for open organization as a specialist of the state, a suburbanite to work, an individual trying for unwinding activities or an even people and understudies going to class.

Civil service has warned that they are watching the social networking sites on tweets and status about them. They have said to think facebook and twitter as a public forum. That you should not be making personal attacks online.

In July last year, Mark Upton was dismissed from his £70,000 job in the Department for Communities and Local Government after mocking ministers via an anonymous Twitter account called the Naked Civil Servant.

Civil servants are also warned that social media can shadow the boundaries between personal and professional lives. The guidance says “take care about commenting on government policies and practices, above all those which your own Ministers are responsible for. Avoid commenting altogether on contentious issues affecting the liability of your own Ministers, and avoid personal attacks.”


Several government departments, in an effort to show they have reduced the number of civil servants they employ, have taken on “consultants” instead. To demonstrate that they are genuinely consultants and not merely individuals, they are instructed by the relevant department that, rather than invoice as sole traders, they have to set themselves up as limited companies to be able to invoice for their services. It is quite possible that some may pay less tax by this arrangement. Most do not, since their private companies have to pay corporation tax and they then have to pay income tax on the receipts from their companies.

These “civil servants” benefit from no holiday pay, sickness pay, employment protection, pension or employee rights. They can be laid off with a month’s notice or, in some cases, no notice at all. Far from being a matter of individuals trying to avoid paying tax, this arrangement is a matter of government departments trying to cook the books by showing a lower number of civil servants working in the department, and wishing to avoid their responsibilities as employers.

what the UK is doing is the envy of people in Washington.” We now know that the US has had 11 straight quarters of growth; Britain is in recession and output is lower than it was in the third quarter of 2010.

The Immigration Service Union, which includes most of the passport desk staff among its 4,500 members, said it was notifying the Cabinet Office that it intended to take part in the industrial action next Thursday.

Ministers had announced an extra 80 “back-office” immigration staff were to be drafted in to work on the passport desks at the busiest times, after prime minister David Cameron and home secretary Theresa May agreed it was time to “get a grip” on the unacceptable queues at Heathrow. The move raised hopes that the worst of the passport crisis might be over.

The former head of the UK Border Force, Brodie Clark, voiced concerns over a contingency plan to bring in a 600-strong “volunteer force” to staff border posts during the Olympic Games in July and August, when more than 660,000 extra visitors are expected.

Clark warned that using volunteers from other parts of the UK Border Agency and Revenue and Customs could leave gaps in defending the border against smuggled drugs, weapons and other contraband. He also warned that plans to cancel border staff leave during the Olympics could result in severe difficulties in September and October, when there is a surge in overseas students at the start of the academic year.

Hopes of an immediate respite for passengers facing lengthy passport queues at Heathrow and other British airports have been dashed after immigration border staff announced their intention to join next week’s civil service strike over pensions.