Sri Lanka over many years and centuries, it has been known for her thrilling relaxation experience that it offers. This is a country that gives visitors more than expectation in terms of enjoyment. The amazing experience while touring this nation stretches from culture, food and most fantastic beach relaxation. If you love beach activities and relaxation then this is a place for you. One of the places that will ensure you get utmost relaxation and experience is magical Mirissa. This town hosting one of the most spectacular beaches is located on the southern coastline. Merissa beaches are indisputable of high quality and many visitors love them. Here you will get a chance to enjoy diverse and enjoyable sunny activities that will remain in your memory for long time.

Mirissa, image by Anuja Manchanayake

Awesome activities to enjoy in Mirissa breach relaxation and sunshine enjoyment

Mirissa is located near the equator and therefore it receives enough sunshine. In addition Mirissa beaches are clean and strategically located where you can enjoy enough sunshine seamlessly. The uniqueness of Mirissa beaches is greatly brought out by their gentleness and smooth ocean waves. Mirissa beaches unlike others,it gives you whole year swimming experience since they are safer to access them in anytime. During boom period these beaches become enormous and even much fun since they become wider and ocean water calmer. During recession period, beaches still gives unique and unforgettable experience even though they are always a bit smaller. Some of the activities that you will enjoy include swimming and and watching amazing squashing waves.

Surprising experience while watching whales and dolphins

Few kilometers off the shore of Mirissa, you can enjoy viewing diverse and unique species of whales and dolphins. This has been one of the most important attraction to this town over the years, whereby visitors go and come again since it offers one of the life time experience. Here you will get a chance to see different species of blue whales which are rarely seen. Some of the species that are found here includes; pilot whale, blue whale, killer whale, sperm whale and bryde’s whale. And if you have ever wondered how many dolphin species exists, then this is a place for you since you will be able to view all of them easily in one place. Species of dolphin found here includes; bottle nose dolphin, spinner dolphin, stripped dolphin and Risso’s dolphin. Watching services are provided by boat services from Mirissahabour to the ocean.

water sporting

Apart from enjoying enough sunshine in Mirissa beaches, you will also love enjoying sporting activities that will always make you forget busy days back at home. Surfing in Mirissa is for all,both beginner and experts. It is necessary and significant in building confidences.Other sporting activities that you will enjoy engaging on includes; sailing and snorkeling.

The most special thing about this sunny town in Sri Lanka, is the friendly nature of the people plus affordability and high quality services offered by hotels. Hotels are located next to the beaches hence easily accessible.

No doubt Mirissa has the best beaches worthy to pay a visit this season. This town has more than just experience to offer to all visitors willing to enjoy various beaches activities. For seamless and convenient accessibility to this amazing town apply for your esta now. It is easy, affordable and faster since it is done online.

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